5 Responses to “You Win From Within!”

  1. Ms Cierra Says:

    I have heard about your work with domestic violence. I am looking forward to being apart of the movement and wish you abundant success.

    My Hats Off To You

  2. Evangelist Deborah [TIllman]Walker Says:

    If I were there with you now I would put my arms around you to for you to feel what i am feeling now . Your Aunt Deborah love you and thank God for what he is doing to you and for you God’s Blessing on you and around you and everything that you put your hands on look up God is always there Kisses and love from your Aunt DEBORH /ps call me so that I can get the books L U

  3. Apostle Mattia Bolton Says:

    I praise God for all of the wonderful wisdom that he has imparted into your spirit to share with the body of Christ. You are an awesome and willing vessel and i am looking forward to reading your book. I pray that you will walk in all that God has purposed you to walk in my brother. Keep the faith and do your thing for our heavenly daddy. Bro Bolton and I love you and we are praying for you. God Bless

  4. Shannah Harrington Says:

    My little brother…I am so proud!

  5. ApostleD'AntquoneseReed Says:

    Im Honored & Very Grateful that we are on the same side now, Jesus Christ Side! I Pray In the near future that we can get to together on some things,I have some things that the Lord Bestowed on Me that I need some help with! I’ve asked The Lord to send Me some help,I Pray that You are The One To Help! Most of All,Congrads! Continue to let The Lord Use You Stay Humble & Prayed Up,Watch God Move Perpetually In Your Life! Make Your Request Known,With Thanksgiving,&Hold Firm to Your Faith! God Still has More Prayers Of Your That He has not yet Answered,but Soon Will! Just Keep Watching,Expecting,Praying For Others&God Will Give You Double! Job 42! God Bless You,Continue Walking In His Grace! Amen!

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