FVRD2WIN, LLC was founded by Dr.Macaiah Tillman whom is a talented motivational speaker.  After life challenges and experiences, he discovered in spite of oppositions, we are favored to win.  It is possible for one to “Find Victory Repeatedly Daily.” This young man has been employed since he was 5 years old throwing newspapers.  Prior to finishing his bachelors, he spent some time touring West Africa and there he felt overwhelmed to contribute more of himself to encouraging others to succeed and give back.  He is the Co-Founder of Kidz Pluz Inc. and Co-Author of “It’s Your Time to Succeed”

 released January 2, 2009.   He encourages all to tap into the Fvrd2Win Experience!




In one’s career and life, it takes a winner to produce a winning outcome; and undoubtedly Dr. Macaiah Tillman is a winner among winners. Dr.Macaiah’s book “Finding Victory Repeatedly Daily To Win” (FVRD2WIN) is a testament to how he and others seeking victory in multiple dimensions of life can overcome the worse in life (Seen and Unforeseen Trials and Tribulations) to achieve the best in life (Finding and Achieving Victory in One’s Life’s Purpose). As Dr. Macaiah surmises, “One must evaluate his (her) determination, ability to stand, and the pursuit on fulfilling the purpose. One must realize that in spite of the challenges we all have the ability to utilize the aspects of being favored to win”. And without question, Dr. Macaiah’s own victory over his own challenges in family, self, career and life coupled with his uniquely formulated natural and spiritual FVRD2WIN process positively serve as a testament and road-map to anyone and everyone who desires to find victory repeatedly daily to win.

Success Expert Michele R. Wright, Ph.D.
Author, DEAR SUCCESS SEEKER: Wisdom from Outstanding Women 

Christmas 2015 Recording Artist Paulette Triplett & Dr. LaVerne blessed Dr. Tillman with a song about his victory.

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  1. Your site is creatively done….

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