3. Dr. Macaiah’s Bio



Who is Dr. Macaiah Tillman?

Dr.Macaiah has a powerful message on the Favor to Win that change lives of people across the nation.  As Writer, Author, and Motivational Speaker, his deliverance inspires, excites, and creates a passion for life and business in a unique way.  As a well-known professional speaker and author, Dr. Macaiah has risen from child abuse victim and life challenges to becoming victorious.  At an early age he witnessed the brutal beating of his brother who nearly died and later the life of his mother threaten by her husband with an axe.  Today Dr.Macaiah would have been considered a child “at risk” being a product of a single parent and life challenges.  However, he would say, “not so,” because he realized at an early age the power of choice.

He is a Consultant and Founder of FVRD2WIN LLC and partner with his mother PR/Marketing platform for talents laExpose’ Int’l as COO. He is delivering a high energy message which tells people how to go to their destiny and live up to their dreams. Macaiah is leading the way with a peace and non-violence campaign called Global Truce currently on tour. He is a believer in science and spirituality that knows how to share the two for the purpose of all.  It is a message Dr.Macaiah has learned from his own life and business and one he is helping others apply to their lives and business. 

Dr.Macaiah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Masters of Arts in Business, a Masters of Science in Academic Advising and Counseling and PhD in Christian Education.  He has served and been a spokesman in several leadership and volunteer opportunities such as:  Kidz+ Inc. CEO/Co-Founder -Improving Kids Physical and Nutritional Needs, Vice President for Community Service Youth Council, Board Member of Arkansas Student Leadership Forum, and active in serving and addressing outreach, discipleship, and mentorship.  He was recognized as Mentor of the Year, while serving in the (VIPS) Volunteer in Public Schools programs in Little Rock, AR along with being a spokesman for Arkansas Scholars.  He was recognized in the 2009 Presidential Forum at Texas A&M University for Service for the Community Service Youth Council, which received the Points of Life Award sponsored by the Points of Life Foundation. President Barack Obama and the 41st President George H.W. Bush were the special guest and spokesmen.  Dr. Macaiah says his life has been a “man shaping experience” to empower others and through it all, we all have the favor to win but one must tap into it.  

Five minutes in his presence will propel you to walk in your destiny

For booking visit: www.fvrd2win.org or call (615) 839-7922 or (501) 240-0229. Macaiah_Tillman_Media_Kit






Dr. Macaiah Tillman with Famous Speaker Eric Thomas


5 Responses to “3. Dr. Macaiah’s Bio”

  1. Tammy Jackson Walker Says:

    Congratulations on your success!! Continue to walk in the favor of God and let no man hold you down (which I see that you have already have done)!! I am proud of my peeps from Blytheville who does not let the circumstances and the life of the city hold them back or keep them ffrom thier dreams. Keep on and may God continue to shine his favor upon you. Congrats again!

  2. You are a talent to the world. Good luck

  3. Dr.Wilson Says:

    Best wishes as you grow more into manhood. All that you experienced has paved the way.

    Be the man God want you to be and that is to prosper and be an example.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Wonderful wonderful work you are doing and I am sure the Nation will catch on. Keep up the good work and much success with the very worthwhile efforts! You all are the best.

  5. Macaiah, I use to work under your mom and when she shared the summit details and you speaking all I can say is WOW! Your courage to tell what is embarassing for most men will be your blessing. Son, you are going places and I will share your story with others to help you. I like both your websites.

    Much Success’

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